Online Marketing in South Africa

Our most recent industry reports show an extraordinary increase in the amount of people that use online media and advertising platforms.

Online marketing is also far more popular in developed countries than alternative marketing methods like newspapers adverts, printed media and business directories, yet here is South Africa it is very hard to convince business owners to invest in online marketing methods because they are still spending a fortune on old marketing platforms.

What many business owners fail to realize is that print advertising is dying quickly and when it is completely gone, they will have to start building their online presence. By that time, most of their completion is already standing strong with online marketing platforms.

Are you stuck with traditional methods and cannot move forward?

The problem online marketing companies in South Africa face is that very few business owners are taking online marketing serious and they prefer to stick with the old traditional marketing methods that worked well in the past. I understand that it’s hard to move away from a marketing platform that was the industry standard for so many years, but honestly, who does not use Google or another search engine to find services in their local area?

Most of the middle and high income population is using smartphones, and Google Search is right there on the home screen. There are some statistics below that show us how popular the internet has become over the past few years.

The most important question is: “What will happen to businesses when printed media like the newspaper adverts and the Yellow Pages is finally completely phased out?” They would have to start marketing their services online and by then, all their competitors will have a strong head start.

Tried to do it yourself?

When I mention Google AdWords to my clients during a marketing meeting, I have noticed many of them have an immediate negative reaction. This is mostly because they tried once or twice doing it themselves and it did not work nearly as well as expected.

There is nothing wrong with trying to do something yourself first, but it might be a good idea to get some advice from a professional (with experience) before you pay your prepaid budget to Google. Inexperienced marketers do not understand the importance of “keyword” and “key phrase” selection and end up spending a fortune on keywords that have zero to very little conversions.

Success is possible with time and patience.

There are business owners that accept internet marketing as the way forward and many of them are reaping the rewards. We do SEO and Google AdWords marketing for several companies and it is rewarding to see the success rate and the amount of conversions our clients are getting.

We have been involved in online marketing for many years and in our own personal experience we have found that many of our clients expect immediate results where it comes to SEO marketing. Google SEO marketing is a 6 month process and you cannot jump to the top of the list overnight.


Get started with building your online presence as soon as possible and get a foothold on the online marketing platforms. It is much more affordable than print media and it has the widest exposure than any other form of marketing.

Here are some statistics for 2013

According to Wits Journalism, more than 12 million people used the internet regularly in 2013 and figure will double by 2016.

The combined readership figures of top newspapers such as Daily Sun, The Star, City Press, Beeld, Cape Argus, Mail and Guardian, Daily Sun and The New Age in South Africa is far less than the combined unique users of top sites such as News24.

Help us to make 2014 a great year for starting, improving and expanding your online marketing presence.