The SEO Marketing rules have changed

Internet Marketing is undoubtedly the most popular and most affordable way to present your products or services to your target market, and with print media marketing going extinct, it will soon be the only way to advertise your company.

Why not start perfecting your online presence now, before everyone else wakes up?

For us to say that Google SEO marketing has “changed” in the past few years would be a massive understatement to say the least. Things that used to be important for marketing your website and getting a high Google rank are now hardly relevant. Everything has changed.

Most of the changes are long overdue and having a strong Google ranking is now more about high quality content on your website, content that is relative for the keyword you are trying to market. See the following article for 5 of the most important changes to SEO marketing in 2013 so far:

  1. Successful SEO Marketing is no longer all about rank… Google’s search results are being appended with rich text snippets to show users some of the actual content they will find on the website preview. Analytics results show that listings below the top three results are starting to get much higher click-through rates because the content is more relevant to what people are searching for.
  2. SEO marking is no longer something you can simply hand off to the IT department. Yes, it does require many technical skills like configuring scripts, making sure robots can access the site and setting up analytical data, however it also requires creative writing and website design skills, experience with SEO marking along with a solid understanding of current online marketing trends.
  3. Keywords no longer need to be an exact match or repeated constantly throughout a website page, especially on a page title. The page title should be written in a way that makes the most sense and is grammatically correct. Try to write a headline somewhere between 4 and 8 words that clearly explains what the content on the page is about. Remember that this rule applies to headlines and website page content.
  4. One mistake business owners make trying to get good rankings on Google is to overpopulate the home page with text content and repeating keywords. Your home page is the first page people will see when they open your site, so make sure there is enough text to tell your audience what the site is about in small bid sizes. If there is too much text content on a page, most people will not even read the first line.
  5. Many people are under the impression that the more website pages you have, the better for your Google ranking. This is only partially true… content does help your ranking, only if it is high quality content and it is relative to the keywords you are trying to market. Your aim should be to publish content that is most relevant and it needs to be well written. Content pages with spelling and grammar mistakes will do more harm than good.

Now you know some of the common SEO mistakes and what you can do to fix it. What are you doing to get more traffic to your website and improving the amount of sales leads the website generates? Are you making your SEO efforts worse? Do you even have a proper SEO strategy to generate more organic traffic?

One thing is sure, your online traffic will depend on the experience a person will have when visiting the website. Make sure the site is user-friendly, informative, colorful, and that the design look & feel leaves a lasting positive impression.