How to Generate Sales Leads

Sales leads are the bread and butter for most businesses and it is crucial to the survival of a business because they have the ability to convert into sales, and sales means money. Without money there is no cash flow and eventually, no more business.

There are two primary forms of marketing people use to generate new sales leads:

Outbound Marketing is the traditional way of getting new business by placing adverts in print media and radio and hoping that someone who needs your product or service will see or hear the advert and reply to it.

Inbound Marketing is the modern way to market your business by being “easy to find” when someone is looking for a business. A great example of inbound marketing is Google SEO or Google AdWords, simply because most people use Google to “search” for products and services.

Both marketing methods are effective, but outbound marketing is always more expensive and there is no way you can track the results to see if the advert is generating any sales leads.

The most effective sales leads are inbound enquiries simply because these people are already interested in your products or services and they are currently searching for a company that provides it.

Below is a short list of some affordable tips and tricks you can use to generate new sales leads for your company.

Step 1. Have a great looking and user friendly website.
It is rather pointless to have a fancy marketing campaign and to go through all the trouble of getting many people to view your company website if the website and the content do not convince them to become a client. Creatively designed websites have higher visitor conversion rates and much lower bounce rates than plain static websites.

Step 2. Be easy to find.
This is the most important step of all and it goes hand in hand with your website. Having a great looking website and no online visitors is just as bad as not having a website at all. There are many ways to get people to find your site and to boost your online traffic:

Google Search Engine Optimisation or better known as SEO Marketing.
This is the process of tweaking the text and website code to convince Google that your website is the most relevant for the specific search word.

Google AdWords Marketing.
Using Google AdWords is almost like a shortcut to SEO marketing. This will instantly place your website link on the first page of the search results without the waiting period, but you have to pay for every click to your website.

Step 3. Create an irresistible offer.
Now that you have a great looking website and people can easily find your business on the internet, you need an irresistible offer on the landing page of your website to convince your prospective online visitor to order their product or service from your company and close the deal.
There are a few ways you can make your offer irresistible. Limited availability is great tool you can use to create urgency because it creates a psychological fear of shortage.

Limited Time Offers
This is the most popular method to use scarcity. Almost every commercial advert is a limited time deal for example, “Get 40% discount if you apply within the next 3 days” is almost guaranteed to get someone to respond to the offer.

Limited Quantity Offers
When a product is in limited supply, it suddenly becomes more unique or exclusive and people also fear that they will never own it if they do not respond now. Limited quantity offers have outperformed limited-time offers because limited time offers might not end today and they have more time to think about the decision where limited quantity might be sold out within the next few minutes.

Combine Limited Time and Limited Quantity
A great example of a company that implements both tactics is Groupon and that is one of the reasons for their continued success. All Groupon deals offer a discounted product or service of limited quantity and it is only available for a short period of time.

Step 4. Friendly and convenient submission forms
Once you convince an online visitor to become a client, don’t make it hard for them to contact you. The most important benefits of having a simple and user friendly online contact form is the ability to capture your visitor’s contact data and being able to impress them by calling them back or by creating a personalised e-mail reply.

Step 5. Testing
This is a very important step in perfecting your sales lead generation process and getting the most out of the money you are spending on Google SEO and Google AdWords. Try to create a few different adverts and place them on separate landing pages in order to compare which one performs the best so you know where to focus your budget and get the most sales leads.


There is a learning curve for everything you do and you have to work at perfecting it. These are guidelines we use for our own company and this has worked well for us to generate new sales leads and clients.

Don’t be afraid to give us a call and ask our help in getting your own sales lead process started. We would be happy to help any way we can.

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