Three Great Reasons to Redesign Your Website

The Internet is not a static environment. The online landscape is constantly evolving with new technology and new challenges. The biggest and most defining reason why everything is constantly changing is to give online users a better experience.

More and more commercial websites are designed with a clean and simplistic interface with easy and direct access to the content they wish to view.

Interactive elements are still important to make the user experience more enjoyable but it should not be distracting or lead people away from your site.

Reason 1: Is your website working for you?

This should be an easy question to answer.

1. Do you like your website’s “look and feel”?
2. Do you get regular online sale enquiries from your website?
3. Does the income generated by online sales justify your internet marketing expense?

If you answer no to any of these questions, then you should probably rethink if your website is up to date and easy accessible for people to use. Over the past year we have helped many companies with their online marketing problems. Most of them were simply throwing away their hard earned money on SEO and Google AdWords, trying to market a website that have little to no chance of converting visitors into sales.

It is pointless to spend money on internet marketing if your website does a poor job of turning online visitors into sales or sales leads. Trying to market an outdated or non-appealing website can do more harm to your business and brand than having no website at all.

Reason 2: Responsive design elements

Having a responsive website is simply no longer optional, it is a requirement. During 2014 the amount of online visitors we received on our own website has increased to 50% of our total visitors. For every 1000 online visitors we received, approximately 500 of them were using smartphones or tablets to view our website.

If your website is not responsive or mobile friendly, then your online visitors using these popular devices will have a hard time trying navigating your website or reading your content. Once someone becomes frustrated with your website, they will simply move on to the next site. When was the last time you opened your website on a mobile device to see what your website looks like?

Reason 3: Your brand isn’t visible on search engines

Do a quick test and type your company name in Google search. Hopefully, your company website is the #1 result. If it isn’t, you’ve got trouble. By default, Google will place your company website as the number one position if you Google your company name.

There are many reasons why your site is blacklisted on Google and some of the most popular problems are site security. Was your website recently hacked or is there a harmful script running in the site code? Many of the older CMS websites have easily exploitable security vulnerabilities and hackers will use these code flaws to harm people that view the site. It is very important to protect your brand and make sure Google does not blacklist your domain and destroy your online reputation.

In most cases it is much more affordable to redesign the site than it would be to try and fix the current design. Website code is not the only vulnerability that might cause your site to get infected. Hosting server also play a critical role in protecting websites from the most basic online attacks like brute force password hacks and denial of service attacks.

Even the most complex passwords can easily be hacked given enough time. Make sure your website hosting provider is using proper security measures to protect your online data.

If you have any questions about any of the points mentioned in this article, feel free to send us an e-mail or to give us a call. We are happy to assist.