Having e-mail problems? Solve it in 5 easy steps with Webnova

  1. Check your Internet connection. Emails need an Internet connection in order to connect to the Server where your emails / account is hosted. Try to Google something to see if the connection has been lost. If you do not have an Internet connection, please contact your Internet Service Provider such as Telkom.
  2. Check your access to your email server. Visit your webmail page. Simply go to the url bar at the top of your Google page and type in (yourdomain).co.za/webmail If the page loads and asks you for a username and password, it means your connection to the Webnova Server is working.
  3. Ensure you are using the correct settings as provided to you by Webnova Designs. This is very crucial as on several occasions, clients miss something or have an incorrect setting / incorrect spelling mistake which leads to high levels of frustration. If you are not sure about the settings, please contact Webnova or send us an email. We are happy to assist!
  4. The Incoming mail server / outgoing mail server should have the same settings. You only have to set up your account once so why not double check it the first time to save you unnecessary stress.
  5. Use the correct password. The hosting server has very strict security measures and only grants you 5 attempts for your email password. Should you have exceeded this amount, your IP will be blocked immediately. Please contact Webnova Designs so that we can whitelist your IP.

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