Creative Innovation


Creative Innovation


We find creative solutions to complex problems and we strive to help our clients increase productivity and profitability using innovative technology. Our affordable development services can help your business automate tasks and increase client service while drastically decreasing turnaround time.

Fast & Effective

Using clean code and the modern standards, we can build front-end interfaces that are fast and easy to use, while the back-end functionality does all the heavy lifting.

Custom Development

We use our custom developed systems to achieve the necessary goals. We ensure that our code is clean, and we know exactly how the system works and how we can modify it.

Secure & Reliable

Our applications have multiple levels of security and data integrity protection. We always recommend using our custom hosting server to enable more security.

Web Development

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Our programming skills goes far beyond custom client portals and document management systems. We can also build artificial intelligent solutions to answer basic questions and save hundreds of hours of human processing time. One example of a chat-bot is the online chat function to assist clients with basic information like answering frequently asked questions and assisting with information like account balances or specific contact information.

Database Systems

Most of our development clients require large data capturing and processing applications to build more intuitive systems to track user activity, eliminate the possibility of fraud and increase productivity.

An example of this might be a price-list that many people need access to and is usually sent to many users via email. We can build an online application where users can login and see the active price-list and live edits and changes to price-list data.

Process Automation

We can synchronise accounting systems and CRM frameworks remove the need to capture the same information in multiple platforms.

We can also build systems to monitor workflows and send notifications to people if problems or potential problems might occur.


Most of the functionality in our web-based applications are developed using a combination of open source programming languages including PHP and MySQL to ensure ongoing stability and easy integration. We also use libraries like Ajax and jQuery for live data display and a better user experience.

To make the application visually appealing with a clean, modern and simplistic appearance, we use the Bootstrap 4 CSS styles and preconfigured HTML pages for the best data views and the most customisable visual “look & feel”.

Below are some of the popular languages and frameworks we work with:

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