PBPR Public Relations

Pieter Bruwer Public Relations and later known as PBPR has been one of our clients since 2008, approximately 2 years before Webnova Designs was established and they have been with us since their start-up days. We initially assisted them with their logo design and business cards and later built their first commercial website.

Since then, we have continued to grow stronger together in a working partnership and the designs below are some screenshots of their latest website. Their clients are mostly large business groups and they needed a website to communicate to their target audience.
Public Relations
Start Date:
17 August 2008

Website Design

Features Included?

Fully Responsive

We designed a fully responsive and mobile friendly website to ensure the site displays properly on all devices.

User Interface Design

User interface design is often one of the most challenging aspects when we create something unique, yet simplistic.

User Experience Design

We pair images that complement each other and use white space to create clean and focused content areas.

WordPress CMS & Theme

Premium themes combined with the WordPress CMS allow us to create high-end websites at low cost.

Stock Photos

We use elements.envato.com to provide every website with premium photos and graphics at no extra cost to the client.

Ongoing Support

We make small changes and edits for free and we keep the site security plugins updated to ensure it remains secure.