Natasha G Jewellery was upgraded to a WooCommerce website, making it easier for potential clients to order online. The website is modern,fresh and user friendly while maintaining her unique vision and jewellery design style.

Client: Natasha G Jewellery

Category: Website Design

Date: August 2018

Natasha Collins is a contemporary Jewellery designer who lives and works in Cape Town, but holds global aspirations and draws inspiration from a variety of cultures. Jewellery making channels her passion for life, art, design and all things that make her smile!

Although Natasha creates with the belief that a bold statement can paradoxically be created through subtle and simple designs, her vision is not limited to elegant “polite” pieces. With designs ranging from unapologetic and unconventional to delicate and refined, Natasha believes that the excitement lies in manipulating metal into what in association contradicts the physical form of metal, and therein lies artistic elegance.


Testimonial from Natasha G Jewellery

Hi Ingrid,

Thank you so much for this. I do love the progress and the concept and how so much information is available from the home page, which is exactly what I wanted .

Kind Regards