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At Ordian Capital, we equate the mastery of playing the violin to the discipline of financial management. Like a skilled violinist who appreciates the nuances of their instrument – from the curves and contours of the finest woods, to the precise tuning of the strings and the strategic placement of sound holes – our experts bring the same level of commitment to crafting a successful financial portfolio for our clients.

Ordian Capital offers comprehensive investment solutions, including expert Investment Management, Unit Trust Funds, Retirement Funds, Segregated Portfolios, and Cash Management services to help you reach your financial goals.





Ordian Capital
Financial Management
Start Date:
16 August 2021

Website Design

Features Included?

Fully Responsive

We designed a fully responsive and mobile friendly website to ensure the site displays properly on all devices.

User Interface Design

User interface design is often one of the most challenging aspects when we create something unique, yet simplistic.

User Experience Design

We pair images that complement each other and use white space to create clean and focused content areas.

WordPress CMS & Theme

Premium themes combined with the WordPress CMS allow us to create high-end websites at low cost.

Stock Photos

We use elements.envato.com to provide every website with premium photos and graphics at no extra cost to the client.

Ongoing Support

We make small changes and edits for free and we keep the site security plugins updated to ensure it remains secure.

Online Shopping Feature

WooCommerce is a full-service eCommerce solution and is designed to seamlessly integrate with WordPress.

Custom eCommerce Theme

Beautifully designed shop themes give your visitors a great experience and inspires trust with the business.

Payment Gateway

Customers can make online credit card or instant EFT payments using the secure PayFast Payment Gateway.