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Custom development in a nutshell is the creation of new Web, Desktop and Mobile Applications to solve a problem. These applications can do anything from collecting information and store it in a database, processed data for a specific goal, creating automation systems, online document storage, custom business tools or anything in between to make your life a little easier. If you can imagine it, we can develop it!

Fast & Effective

We build modern and interactive front-end interfaces that are fast and intuitive, while the back-end functionality does all the heavy lifting.

Custom Development

We use our own code scripts to build your app to ensure that the code is clean and we know exactly how everything works and how we can modify it.

Secure & Reliable

Our applications have multiple levels of security and data integrity protection. We always recommend using our custom hosting server to enable more security.
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Our 6-phase development process for peace of mind and quality assurance.

Phase 1


Discussion about the application goals, how it will be used and list possible features and functions.
Phase 2

Project Analysis

Create the action plan to ensure we deliver the project within budget and on time.
Phase 3

User Interface

Our developers will start designing the front-end UI, UX and plan the customer journey.
Phase 4


Once the “look and feel” is approved, we will code the functionality and project logic.
Phase 5


You can start testing the application and send edits or recommend improvements.
Phase 6


After approval the project gets published on the client’s server and ready for production.
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We find creative solutions to complex problems and we strive build to applications that increase your productivity and profitability using innovative technology. Our affordable development services can help your business automate tasks and increase service levels while drastically decreasing turnaround time.

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Most of the functionality in our web-based applications are developed using a combination of open source programming languages including PHP and MySQL to ensure ongoing stability and easy integration. We also use libraries like Ajax and jQuery for live data display and a better user experience.

To make the application visually appealing with a clean, modern and simplistic appearance, we use the Bootstrap 4 CSS styles and preconfigured HTML pages for the best data views and the most customisable visual “look & feel”.

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